Gemstones are very valuable items. Many prospective clients buy precious gemstone doublet and think whether they have purchased the right thing or not. Doublet actually sounds like a good thing, but it’s actually different from singlet.

Mainly, a precious gemstone doublet is composed of two parts. The valuable original gemstone is combined with other less expensive material. This thing just doesn’t occur naturally, but is man-made, and is produced when two pieces of material are glued together to form a sorta composite. Generally, the top of the stone, which is a natural gemstone material, which is crown. While the bottom is made up of inexpensive material. For example – synthetic sapphire, quartz or glass.

It is also known by two other names in the market, that is true doublet and false doublet. When fusing together, if the two products are of same material then it is called a true doublet. And the other care, where they are different, with the crown (above the girdle) being genuine and the pavilion (below the girdle) an inferior stone or glass, it is called a false doublet.

Gemstones are of different types. And any gemstone material can be produced as a doublet. Some of the expensive variety we would like to list are sapphire, ruby and alexandrite.
People have more often heard the word opal, in the gemstone industry. Opal is known for its ability to diffract light. In technical terms, it is a gem-quality form of hydrated amorphous silicon dioxide.

Why is precious gemstone doublet created ?

There are multiple reasons to answer this. One of the reason is deceiving the customer, as this type of fabrication can only be detected by an expert eye. Now let’s look at an example. A two-carat natural doublet sapphire may contain less than 1 carat of natural sapphire, which means, it is a wrong practise to sell a doublet as a natural sapphire.

It may be produced with an intention of saving the cost. However, the best practices would be that, dealer, should make the customer aware of what he’s buying at the time of purchase.

How can gemstones be detected ?

By immersing true doublet in a liquid with an index of refraction. That is, to measure of the bending of a ray of light when passing from one medium into another also known as refractive index. A new layer will appear as a dark line. Hence, this is a way to find out or exposing the true doublet. Let’s delve into the second. That is, to find a way to detect false doublet. but in this case, the two halves of the stone will have a different appearance when they immersed in a liquid

Features of precious gemstone doublets.

These precious gemstone doublets are of precision, smooth polish and excellent finish.

About Gemstones

There are manifold uses of wearing gemstones, one can only imagine. Due to their appealing an attractive properties, people often wonder that the best use of these gemstones is for jewelery purpose.

Let look at some of the benefits of gemstones.

The gemstone will show the positive effects on an individual, if the gemstone is worn in the right method and in right way, Career, marriage and money problems all are solved with the help of gemstones.Many health problems can also be solved by wearing right gemstone Gemstones should be worn as per your horoscope or your birth chart, for enhanced benefits. Gemstones are effective for people having problems in their career or in their marriage life as right gemstone will help them to get good jobs and will remove all obstacles from their marriage life.

What are the disadvantages of wearing a Gemstone?

If you wear a right gemstone, after thorough study of the horoscope, it will always work.
Though it has been working for many people.but selecting the right gemstone has always been a herculean task, because if by mistake, if someone wears a wrong gemstone, it may affect his health & general life adversely, and he will get no benefit Even worse, there have been cases where people have suffered from various critical diseases like thyroid, diabetes, heart disease, depression, loss in general after putting on the wrong gemstone, and they are completely unaware of this fact.

For example, as per our observation, we have seen people coming for career advice to various gurus, and one of them was wearing blue sapphire already. We immediately asked him what is his problem and is he is suffering from depression, extreme negativity because some of his symptoms are in his horoscope but it has been aggravated by Blue Sapphire. He was completely unaware of this face that this gemstone was not suitable for him and we asked him to take it off as he will feel more relaxed and positive. And immediately after seven days he came back along with his mother to express gratitude, compliments for tremendous improvement in his depression problem.
We have seen now that young and novice astrologer coming up with absurd logic and asking people to wear wrong substance, which have no practical based application.

Some theories which are prevailing nowadays, are like wearing gemstone as per ascendant, 5th house lord, 9th house lord & Stone for strengthening house. These things which people follow have a huge fallout and only in some case, some people get limited success. Rather than depending on novice, you should consult a learned astrologer, who could guide you in all these things and advice you to wear the right gemstone.

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Samron International began its operations in the year 2012 and now it is an established body in the gemstone market. The range of product sold by Samron International are mainly comprising of finest Precious Gemstone Doublets.. These stones mainly, Semi Precious Stones and Semi Precious Gemstones, have a huge demand in market. To ensure the product’s finishing, shining and smooth edges, manufacturing of these products are done as per the set industry norms and guidelines, and using best machines. After the production of this item, the offered range is sold in the market at the most reasonable price possible.
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